Area Leader Planning and Procedures

Area Survey

Drive your area and take note of illegal dumps, extremely littered areas, abandoned/inoperable vehicles, or large appliances that might need special attention.  Please try to eliminate all illegal dumps on public property in your area with the use of your available manpower.  Please email to report illegal dumping locations that your area members cannot handle, to include any abandoned/inoperable vehicles and large appliances in your area, whether on the roadside, in a field, or on personal property.  Throughout the year, use area maps to keep track of which roads in your area have been cleaned and which roads need attention.

Litter Collection Bags

Bags are distributed at the KLB area leader luncheon in March and are otherwise available at the community centers listed at the bottom of the page, or through the area leader coordinator.

Blue Bags:  Use the blue translucent bags for recyclable items only, and deliver to your nearest recycling center, or to your residence for curbside collection if available

Orange Bags Use the large orange bags for trash, non-recyclable litter.  Please avoid using household trash bags unless you are taking them to the landfill yourself, or taking to your home for curbside trash collection.  The orange bags are much stronger and also help the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) recognize official cleanup trash versus personal household trash, which they will not collect.  The bright fluorescent orange bags also provide an added measure of safety, as they are more visible to passing motorists.

Clear bags: You can also dispose any bag you find on the road to separate plastic bags and wraps.

Bag Procedures

Blue Bags:  Please take recycling to the nearest recycling center or recycle curbside at your residence if available. Sadly, VDOT takes everything to the landfill, so please do not leave blue bags on the roadside with the orange bags for VDOT to collect. That would waste your time separating.

Orange Bags:  Leave the orange bags along the roadside, well back from the pavement or road surface, in small piles; don’t use driveways or private property.  Try to avoid large piles of collected litter, as it could encourage unauthorized additions and dumping.  Small scattered piles along the roadside are preferred by VDOT.

Clear Bags: If they are dry and fairly clean, they can be taken to a specific collection center (Usually located at grocery stores like Giant or HT) If they are totally muddy, it’s better to place them with trash so they don’t contaminate the rest of the bags

Heavy Items

VDOT has agreed to pick up individual heavy items such as bed springs, appliances, tires (with or without rims), etc., if they are located near the road and are not part of a dump site.  Please do not attempt to move heavy items yourself.  Heavy items need to be identified in a roadside pickup report (see “Reporting” below). Tag the item with an orange bag, or leave filled orange bags next to the item.

Landfill Usage

KLB’s procedure for landfill usage has changed.  We have been issued plastic account cards which we will loan out on an as needed basis.  The cards must be carefully guarded and returned to a member of the Board.  To borrow the landfill card, please email

Loudoun County Landfill:  21101 Evergreen Mills Road. Phone: 703-771-5500  hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


If possible, take pictures before, during, and after your cleanup.  Including pictures with area leader report submissions is a good supplement and can be useful for bringing awareness to the community.


To obtain volunteer help, contact local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, civic clubs, or church groups in your area.  Regional leaders for the Scouts can be obtained by contacting KLB.  Also, post flyers/announcements in public places such as the post office, grocery stores, neighborhood paper boxes, community centers and newsletters, online forums, etc.  You may also to have your cleanup date posted on the KLB events calendar and we can spread the word through our social media


In order to have VDOT collect the orange bags/trash, report your roadside pickup clicking in the green button below.  Please note that VDOT does not pickup on Mondays.  If bags have not been picked up by 6:00 p.m. Thursday, please contact the area leader coordinator. Provide your name and area.

IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to complete your Cleanup Report as soon as possible. One form for each date or location cleaned is preferred.  Statistics are derived from the reports and are important to show the county the importance of our volunteer work


cleaning up river


Cleanup Tips: AreaLeaderCleanupTips-2016.pdf
Litter Recycling Guide: Why_KLB_Recycles_And_You_Should_Too.pdf
Litter Cleanup Equipment/Supplies Poster
Litter Prevention Poster

NOTE: Potomac Metals, in Sterling and other VA locations, will give you cash for all sorts of metals, big or small. They will also recycle batteries, motors,
electronics, and a bunch of other stuff, keeping it all out of the landfill. Check out the website and call them with any questions about what they accept.

KLB Watershed Cleanup Information:

KLB Area Leader Manager: Judy Klinedinst – 540-668-6730

Litter and Violation Reporting using Loudoun Express Request: LEx Guide for KLB

Loudoun County Department of General Services, County Landfill, Recycling, Household / Business Hazardous Waste, Illegal Dump Response
703-771-5552 –

Virginia Department of Transportation: Barbara Bowers, Adopt – A – Highway: 703-737-2000

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Litter Control and Recycling Coordinator: Steve Coe

Keep Virginia Beautiful: Mr. Robert Hundley, Exec Director

Keep America Beautiful
Becky Lyons, Stamford CT
203-323-8987 x15