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Sunny Ridge Summer

Welcome to Keep Loudoun Beautiful

KLB has been serving Loudoun County communities, and protecting our environment, since 1972.

Our non-profit organization has been at the forefront of efforts to institute and enforce pollution control measures and preserve Loudoun’s beauty. Today’s KLB leaders work hand-in-hand with a host of community and government organizations to keep the county’s environment healthy and attractive.

2018 Cleanup Campaign Results

cleaning the riversStarting each Spring, caring citizens clean up roadsides, streams and other public areas throughout the county. Thousands of volunteers pick up litter along hundreds of miles of roads and waterways…and in the process recycle plastic, glass, metals, paper, tires, and electronics.  In 2018, KLB collected 406 bags of recycling, 923 bags of trash, 148 tires, and a bunch of other bulky recycling and trash (including a toilet!).  With the help of 999 volunteers donating 2971 hours, this litter will no longer pollute our communities, roadways, and waterways.

Our Mission

KLB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy environment for Loudoun families, businesses, and wildlife through educational outreach, litter prevention, and cleanups.  Our efforts include:

  • Encouraging and educating citizens to keep Loudoun beautiful
  • Promoting public awareness of environmental challenges and common-sense solutions, like Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling
  • Improving county trash disposal and eliminating illegal dumping

About KLB…

Environmental Education & Advocacy

Keep Loudoun Beautiful volunteers actively promote public awareness of the issues affecting our environment. A Speakers Bureau provides programs for schools and community groups. Essay, poster and t-shirt contests encourage children’s environmental awareness. Our representatives encourage reducing, reusing, recycling, pollution control and other environmental protection measures through various community committees. Members also help monitor local, county and state enforcement of anti-litter and pollution ordinances. Learn more…

Our Sponsors

KLB is 100% funded by private donations from concerned businesses, organizations, and citizens.  Thank you to our generous sponsors who enable our good work throughout Loudoun County.

Sponsor List & Information…